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FREE Ground Shipping on ALL Coolers in the 48 Contiguous States!


Play it safe

Heading outdoors this Spring?  Food safety is an important concern for all.  Start with a clean, quality cooler.  Pack food items in reverse order of use.  Place meat in separate leak-proof containers.  Frozen water bottles and milk jugs last longer than cubed ice and keep food items dry.  Use a separate cooler for drinks to limit opening the ‘food’ cooler. […]

Holiday Tips from South Jetty Coolers

Headed to Grandma’s this season?  Keep that ham, turkey or casserole warm by transporting it in your South Jetty Cooler.   Not only will it keep everything toasty, but you’ll contain any spills as well.  And when the festivities are over, you’ve got an empty cooler ready to take leftovers back home! Brining meat ensures a juicier and […]

Interesting uses for our coolers

There’s more than one way to stay cool with South Jetty!  Besides keeping things cool for days, we’ve seen some pretty interesting uses of our coolers recently. Step stool Coffee Table Dorm room ironing board Kids toy box Emergency water supply storage (Hurricane) Dog wash tub Crawfish boil to-go box  What extraordinary uses have you found? […]

4 great tailgate tips from South Jetty Coolers

  It’s tailgate season, so here’s some tips for keeping it cool! We love this time of year at South Jetty – football, fall weather and good friends make for great times. Pack food and drinks in separate coolers.  The drink cooler gets open often, fill it with pre-chilled drinks and plenty of crushed ice for maximum chilling. Food […]

Chill a warm drink fast with Saltwater

When salt is added to water it lowers the freezing point.  Salt allows water to exist as a liquid at a temperature lower than 32°F.  This is why salt is added to ice on the roads in the winter.  It causes ice, that would have otherwise remained as a solid in sub-zero temperatures, to turn to […]

It’s Here…A Cool New Website from South Jetty Coolers!

When we began building our cooler company, we started by asking questions of people like you.  We were not surprised to learn how attached people are to their coolers.  Their coolers go everywhere with them, like a trusted side-kick ready for adventure.   So for the new website, instead of just showing pictures of coolers, we decided […]


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